During my yoga classes, I will guide you through gentle and slow practice.

I will try my best to bring your awareness within, into your body, and help you to discover your inner world.

I believe that when we slow down and look inwards, we can notice and feel so much more. I often focus on the embodiment and the felt sense of the experience more than on achieving the ‘perfect pose’. For me it’s not about doing more, doing faster, or achieving and winning, it’s about BEING and FEELING!

Expect me to constantly repeat ‘notice’ throughout the practice, as I would like you to truly notice what is happening within your body when you slow down and start paying attention to it.

My approach is gentle and caring. I always repeat that the best teacher you will ever meet is within you! And if you haven’t met him/her yet, I will help you with your quest

Thursdays 9:30 am 
About Balance
This class is designed for all women, and any person wanting to connect with their cycle and womb space – regardless of their gender or whether they have a womb.
Women are cyclical beings. It’s against our physiology to create a routine that is exactly the same each day. Throughout each month our energy levels rise and fall, the willingness to socialize or seek solitude differs, the mood and attitude often changes. This class honors the ebb and flow of our being and promotes our cyclical nature instead of pushing through the linear. 
The practice is slow and gentle, focused on the felt sense in the body in order to bring the awareness within. Where the awareness goes the energy flows- bringing awareness into our pelvic area- the center of our gravity, center of creativity, improves health and vitality of our reproductive organs as well as the whole body. The practice is based on exploration of the body and senses to befriend and deepen the connection to our physicality. Expect a combination of ancient and modern yogic principles, breath, movement and chanting accompanied with gentle music in the background, delicate scents, and touch to awaken all of our senses and get ready for the day.
Thursdays 6:00 pm 
Cornerstone Community Centre
On my personal journey with yoga I realized that there is no one perfect pose. That’s why during  this class I rather focus on embodiment and a felt sense of the experience. Whatever we are able to embody and truly feel- is already perfect. 
Expect a slow and gentle start of the class, followed by warming up standing poses and long nourishing end of the practice in Shavasana, the final pose. There is never an emphasis on pushing, reaching or achieving anything. It’s all about feeling and being. 

We need yoga to reduce stress in our lives and to reconnect to ourselves and the here and now. Come and practice with me. Leave the fast-paced world behind the doors for a moment and slow down. Gently land into the softness and pleasure that exists within each of us.


Should you have any questions in regards to the services I’m providing and to find out more, I’m happy to have a chat with you and answer the best I can.